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Food wholesale for professional kitchens

Baron’s Food Oy

Baron’s Food is a wholesale company with a high level of service for professional kitchens, and our downright operation currently covers all of Finland. Our operation is based on customer orientation and competent personnel. Besides fresh fish and fish products, our comprehensive selection includes a diverse selection of meat, dairy products, eggs and bakery products, as well as fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables, berries, herbs and mushrooms.

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Our selection includes various high-quality fresh and frozen meats. We offer a comprehensive selection of brands, which guarantees meats for different kinds of use, for lunch as well as more challenging service. Besides beef, pork and lamb, our base selection also contains more exceptional products, including raw and convenience products. Our selection also includes various seasonal products, such as encompassing quarry selection in autumn.


We offer various poultry products and fowls. We provide fresh poultry, and for busy kitchens we also offer several convenience products. Our selection contains chicken and turkey as well as other birds, including raw and cooked products.

Fish and seafood

Our comprehensive seafood selection offers fish products of high quality for everyday life and celebrations. We offer fresh and frozen fish as well as refined and cooked seafood products. Our fish compartment is continuously evolving, and our goal is to create delicious solutions for every kitchen.

Fruits and vegetables

We are offering fresh fruit and vegetables, and various frozen vegetables. Our selection also includes prepared fruit, vegetables and root vegetables from Valmix. You can also take your pick from a comprehensive selection of vegetable tapas, vegetable mixes, purees and vegan vegetable products. For seasoning, we provide freeze-dried or frozen herbs which are easy to use and long-lasting.


Extremely high-quality spices, salts, herbs and spice mixes from Wiberg perfect the meal. Our selection also includes decorations and purees from Ponthier, as well as freeze-dried berries, fruit and jams from Sosa. In addition, we have a comprehensive selection of oils, dressings and much more for cooking and baking.

Bakery and delicatessen

We provide mesmerizing, ready to use pastries, cakes, cupcakes and cookies to be served as a dessert or sold in a vitrine. Our selection contains various breads and buns for bread tables or burgers. We also offer multiple gluten-free and vegan options.


We provide different kinds of cheese from near and afar. Choose luscious French Brie or perhaps Mozzarella from Naples. Finnish products from Arla are also well represented. In addition, vegan grated cheese and cheese slices have also found their way into our selection.
Fresh eggs and egg products
Our selection includes Finnish fresh eggs, also organic, as well as various egg products, such as liquid egg white, liquid egg yolk and liquid whole egg.


World-famous, rich French chocolate from Valrhona is available in our selection. It is an extremely multipurpose product that works in baking as well as for desserts. Valrhona also supports sustainable development, and their Inspiration-collection is completely vegan.

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